Sunday Worship
Group Time Location
English 9:45am Sanctuary
Children 9:45am & 11:30am First Floor

Christian Education
Class Time Location
Adult 11:45am First Floor
College 11:45am First Floor
Youth 11:45am First Floor

Prayer Meetings
  Time Location
Tuesday Prayer Meeting 7:45pm - 9:00pm Chapel
Tuesdsay Children's Prayer Club 7:45pm - 9:00pm Room 104
Sunday Morning Prayer Altars FOTA 9:00am, 9:45am, 11:00am Room 201
Weekday Prayer Altar FOTA Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat at 9:00am Sanctuary

Group Range Time Location
Youth Fellowship 6th - 12th grade Fridays at 7:00pm Chapel 1-3
Agape Fellowship College Fridays at 7:00pm Room 113
Career Small Group Kairos Fridays at 7:30pm Room 107
  Prime Sundays at 2:00pm Home Group
  MSG Mondays at 7:45pm Home Group
  1two1 Wednesdays at 7:45pm Home Group
Family Fellowship Families 3rd Saturday at 6:00pm Room 109
Parents Club Parents with kids 1st, 2nd, 4th Fridays
at 7:00pm
Room 201
Kids Club K-5th grade

Fridays at 7:30pm

Room 104


Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have any questions regarding our meetings and fellowships.