Children Ministry

Christian Life Education - Children Ministry



QHC has entered a new season and we want to bring our children along.


Jesus said “Let the children come to me” . The focus of QHC’s children Sunday School will be exactly that.  That’s our new name: Christian Life Education.


The purpose of children’s time in church is to worship the Lord. They will do so in an environment that is safe and suitable for their age development.  They will have children worship and Sunday school in bigger, less structured spaces.  The curriculum will be what their parents are learning to use: Time With Abba.


Teachers and Helpers’ role will be to create and safeguard this environment and to encourage their students as sheepdogs round up the sheep back to the Shepherd.


All teachers and helpers will receive training on how to use TWA and every parent with a child in CLE will benefit in receiving the same training.  The whole family will walk hand in hand and grow together feeding on the same bread.